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Retailers face unprecedented challenges. The changing consumer culture is driven by fewer geographic barriers to consumers, mobile devices and social networks. Keeping your systems highly available is a given. However, data security threats are real and increasing

All this means increasing the top line requires a single view of the customer, regardless of channel, and effective IT security across the board. As table stakes, retailers must provide best in class and compelling services to customers. At the same time consumers, government, and financial networks are increasingly concerned that consumer privacy is jeopardized by the risk of security breaches within retailers’ operations. Industry standards, government regulations, and security best practices require you to adopt the capabilities to address threats from

-Network intrusion
-Unauthorized system access
-Data leakage and theft
-Payment card system vulnerabilities
-Evolving information security policies
-Lack of strong access control measures
-Lack of visible enforcement
-Differing interpretations of compliance by auditors
-The challenge of sustained compliance
-Add to this list operational requirements like getting new hires on the floor on the same day. All this, while investing to make gains with a dynamic and unpredictable technology-enabled culture.

How to Meet the Challange
GEMSONICS helps retail clients meet challenges related to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance. Choose what you need now:

Providing smart and effective mobile security approach and management solutions to enable effective reach to the mobile culture Provide security audit support and enable you to prove PCI DSS compliance and earn certification Providing security platforms via the cloud, making your business operations safe, secure, cost effective and productive

Providing complete POS & end point security solutions and services as security breaches often occur due to exploitation of POS & end point devices GEMSONICS Retail Security Solutions and Services

GEMSONICS is fully equipped with a strong portfolio of security services and products for retailers. We help you tackle the requirements for IT to support mobile initiatives, identity and access management, data security, application security, network infrastructure security and compliance. We help you in compliance management, secured networking and transactions, automate appropriate access control measure, and securing customer information. GEMSONICS helps you to achieve this by providing solutions like

  1. Governance, Risk and Compliance support
  2. Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) compliance services
  3. POS & End Point security
  4. Full suite of managed security services
  5. Security audit support
  6. Identity and Access Management solutions
  7. Network Intrusion Prevention
  8. Unified view of security information and events in context

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